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josé julio sarria, gay latino who ran for public office in 1961 - many many years before harvey milk


he ran for the san francisco board of supervisors and almost won by default, until people noticed there was a gay man running and immediately submitted everyone possible for the position. he didn’t win, but he still got 6000 votes, which shocked conservatives

he was also a drag queen popular at many of the balls at the time…and he still does it today (lookin good for a guy in his late 80s)!


It’s so funny how White “Queerstorians” conveniently never tell us about this beautiful querido right here. <3 

Know your full queer, not-whitewashed, history!

[Image description: Photo one is a black and white photo of Sarria that appears to be from the 1960s, he’s wearing a light-colored strapless gown, dangling earrings, a long necklace and gold bracelet, and is combing his hair while looking into a hand mirror. Photo two is a formal portrait of Sarria in dark suit and tie, as candidate for San Francisco Supervisor. Photo three is Sarria in the present, in a red updo wig, with a rhinestone tiara, and a red gown with matching embroidered jacket, long necklaces, one with an elaborate rhinestone pendant, long dangling earrings and a shade of red lipstick matching the gown flawlessly.]




being friendly with a boy you aren’t romantically/physically attracted to and him developing feelings for you isn’t your fault, nor does it mean you were “leading him on”. you are under no obligation to date him.

Even if he gets really mad about it. Remember that it’s his problem that he caught feelings. Not your problem.

I needed this thank you


"true friendship means you take the time to talk to each other every day!!" nah true friendship is when you don’t talk for months but you still think about them sometimes and you drop them a line every one in a while when u can to remind them that you care even if you don’t talk and it’s ok because you know that you’re friends even if you don’t need to breathe each other’s air all the damn time

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